Another writing blog?

Yes, I have a blog. I’ve been working on it for a while, but now I’m ready to start “publicizing” it, as it’s known in blog world. Many of you already know that I work as a copy editor. My business is called More Than Words Communications Consulting. Big name! What does that mean? Anything you write, for your own pleasure or for your business, including articles, reports, websites, brochures, etc. needs the eagle eye of a professional copy editor to make sure there are no errors and that your message is communicated clearly to your client or reader.

What if you are a writer and want to publish a book? Most writers are great at getting their thoughts from their brain to a page, but knowing where to put the commas and semi-colons–polishing that content–is my job. I offer manuscript and writing guidance, and when you decide to publish, I can offer you guidance through the publishing maze as well as make sure your book doesn’t contain any inconsistencies, any errors, or anything that some reader might find offensive! In the decade or so that I’ve been copy editing books, I have now polished more than 220! So you can trust me with your work. I also do small jobs, such as proofreading your blog (or LinkedIn profile!). Just some insight into the work of a copy editor!

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