Purpose-Driven Retirement

Not that I’m getting all that close to retirement age, but I do think about how to have a purpose-filled retirement period of life. I know too many people who are frustrated and bored during retirement, and drive their wives crazy! Here is a great article from Forbes.com on Rick Warren’s take on retirement. Love this quote:

“The Bible says that as long as your heart is beating God has a plan and purpose for your life…to grow personally, to get to know God, to serve others, and make the world a better place.”That’s valuable advice, and probably needed now more than ever. Life expectancy and time available to people in retirement has grown exponentially…time that isn’t often planned for, leaving everyone stuck with figuring out how to replace their work identity, stave off boredom, stay connected to family and friends, and remaining mentally and physically sharp.

via Pastor Rick Warren Is Well Prepared For A Purpose Driven Retirement – Forbes.

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