Planning to read more in 2016? A Canadian bibliophile’s perspective #books #ptboeditors

Is your new year’s resolution to read more books in 2016? Set yourself a reasonable pace!

This author read 164 in 2015 and tracked them all in a spreadsheet. Here’s what she learned. “I spent this year trying to keep up with the literary conversation. I ended up exhausted.”

Source: I read 164 books in 2015 and tracked them all in a spreadsheet. Here’s what I learned. – Vox

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The life of an extraordinary editor: a delightful interview with Judith Jones #ptboeditors #copyediting

So interesting to read the thoughts of a legendary editor on editing and the process of acquiring books. Judith Jones was the editor who discovered Julia Child, Camus, Anne Frank, and many more. Her words: “The most important thing an editor can do is be a diplomat. It’s not your book, but you can subtly try, and it usually ends up that the writers express themselves so much more clearly.”

Judith Jones by Landon Nordeman

via Judith Jones, In Her Own Words – Eater.


My neighbourhood got a Ptbo Little Library! #booklove #ptboeditors

I am just so thrilled to see this near my house — I look forward to seeing what my neighbours contribute! These little libraries have been installed all over Peterborough, built by Fleming College students, decorated by Thomas A. Stewart Secondary students, and installed by the Rotary club. Did I say I’m thrilled?!

via The 25th Anniversary Free Little Libraries project | ptbo.

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Self-Publishing Success: Tough Topic, Inspiring Book

This inspiring book was written and self-published by a Toronto mom who struggled to help her children understand the journey she, and they, would be facing as she fought breast cancer.

This author published her book through a self-publisher called AuthorHouse, and the book is available through Chapters and Amazon.

Guiding kids through mom’s cancer –