There was a bunch or there were a bunch?! Confusing collective nouns #writing #ptboeditors

“Bottom line: When the collection referred to by the word bunch is made up of people, a plural verb does not jar. When referring to bundles of straw, grass, grapes, cornhusks and the like, pair bunch with a singular verb.” But read this whole article for a more thorough explanation.


Tweet or tweet? E-mail or email? LOL or lol?! #grammar #writing

Tweet or tweet? Website or web site? Well, for those of us who write for the web (and care about such distinctions!), there is a new style guide for the internet (lowercase), published by Buzzfeed. Next time you’re wondering about whether Twitterverse is capped, check it out!

LOL and/or Lol! The Internet Has a Style Guide Now – Megan Garber – The Atlantic.