Grammar: Is it “whiskey” or “whisky”? #grammar

A copyeditor’s mind is a deep font of knowledge about many things—one of them the fine distinctions between the English language as spoken, and written, by Canadians, Americans, or the British. Which spelling should you use? To check, use the Oxford Canadian Dictionary for Canadian spelling, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for American spelling, or the Oxford English for British spelling. The built-in dictionary on my Mac is the Merriam-Webster. This article explains more:

The Grammarphobia Blog: Is it “whiskey” or “whisky”?

Editor Humour: Confessions of a Recovering Grammar Snob

Anyone who is an expert in their field can have a real superiority complex over those less informed. A copyeditor tends to enjoy catching published errors and grammar gaffes — especially when a writer feels their work is ready for publication without the benefit of an editor’s eyes. This article is from a “recovering grammar snob” — funny!

Literacy Privilege: How I Learned to Check Mine Instead of Making Fun of People’s Grammar on the Internet « Painting the Grey Area.